UE not sending meas report due to no reportquantitycellNR-r15 IE

Hi Experts,
This is a 5G NSA test scenario.
1 UE is not sending meas report to add the NR cell.
2 While checking log, can see SS (simulator) didn’t send reportquantitycellNR-r15 IE s in measurement configuration.

Can we conclude this as the reason for UE not sending meas report?

Yes, correct.

Thank you :+1:t3:.
Just one doubt here: When reportquantitycellnr-r15 is not present in the RRC reconfiguration (measurement config), is not UE supposed to send reconfiguration failure?

Is the RRC reconfig message empty?

Not empty.

I was searching for this only.
How eNb is not including reportQuantityCell in reconfiguration?
As I know there is no opting for reportQuantityCell=None, we have to either of quantity TRUE.
RSRP/RSRQ/SINR, anyone should be true.

Ok :+1:t3:
In the fail log reportquantitycellnr-r15 is not present in reportconfig → reportconfiginterRAT → Extension version BRACKETS7 inside the RRC reconfiguration message.
(SS is a simulator)