UE not doing initial access

Hi Experts.

We have been using test PLMN 00101 only for now.

Now, we want to test commercial UEs with our gNB with a different PLMN.

We have configured it in our gNB.

But UEs are not even doing initial access.

Anything that we are missing here?

Does SIB-1 have commercial PLMN included in it?

Yes, it has.

Does same device work with commercial PLMN in commercial NW?

I suspect that your device MBN setting does not allow to work with your test PLMN.

For test PLMN I think you are using a simulated compatible SIM card.

And for commercial UE you are using any operator specific SIM according to that you are configuring PLMN.

We are using a commercial Samsung mobile that connects to any network with a commercial SIM.

We use a test SIM card for testing with test PLMN with our own gNB.

Now, we want to use a different PLMN with test SIM.

You have to change MBN setting for your device.

UE expert can comment more.

Is the test SIM from KS or any other simulators?

Do you mean vendor?

Because in our case, if we want to check commercial PLMN, then KS test SIM card will not work.

You have to use any operator SIM.

But we want to test with out gNB with our Core.

Ohh OK…

In our case DUT was UE and we configure gNB SIB1 with commercial PLMN
Keysight Test SIM was replaced with a Jio SIM by changing PLMN from 001-010 to 454-567(Jio PLMN).

So if we configure our test SIM with Jio PLMN and configure the same in sib1 and use a commercial UE, then will that work?

No, it won’t work.

I think you have to replace the SIM card.

We also tried the same but it was not working.

I think it can work.

As you change test SIM to non test SIM by changing PLMN.

And gNB sib1 PLMN will match with SIM.

Thanks, but I can’t do that.

I can’t use a non test SIM, let’s say Jio’s SIM to connect to our gNB.

Probably dumb question, were new SUPI updated in AM/SM?

I am also having similar issue. I just replaced the ru with other vendor ru in lab and the UE gets attached.
Core and UE remains same in both cases.