UE missing messages with paging cycle rf128

Hi All,
For LTE I kept paging cycle as rf128 and nb as T but I m finding my UEe missing most of paging messages.
What can be wrong here?
Any optimized settings or observations, please.

Maybe there is paging congestion.
If Ericsson what’s the value of MaxNoOfPagingRecords?
Do you get pagings discarded due to congestion, via counters?

Check DrxCycle as well?
If UE is in Drx mode, it won’t listen to its PDCCH.

Ok, thanks let me check paging discard.

Yes, good suggestion. Let me check drx sleep part.

I find sometime in connected mode UE keep reading paging message (without any SI modification and pws message) sometime around 100 even during VoLTE call same observed will it impact any KPI.
Anyway to stop it from Core end in connected mode.

This is normal.