UE inactivity timer VS PDP

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If the UE inactivity timer reaches the defined value the PDP will be released.

Is it correct?

Only RRC connection will be released, i.e. UE ip address still retain and UE can move to connected state by service request.

Thanks for your reply.
My question is when the PDP will be released, is it control by any timer?

Is it PDP or PDN?

PDP context

I think it’s in WCDMA.

DNN for 5G and APN for 4G.

Sorry, Its PDN, for LTE

At eNB end detach is procedure, which can be UE or network detach.
Any timer related to PDN at eNB end not find.

Maybe at Core end there is timer…

Thanks a lot bro

No, only RRC connection will get release at the UE inactivity timer expire. PDN connectivity is still there as long as UE is attached to core and associated with default bearer. That’s the reason we say UE is "always on’ in LTE as default bearer (PDN connectivity) remains there.

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