UE Inactive Timer parameter

Hi Experts,
In Ericsson LTE how the parameter name to UE Inactive Timer?
Huawei is = UeInactiveTimerForQci

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  • Inactivity Timer

The timeout before a UE returns from connected mode to idle mode is configured by
setting tInactivityTimer. This RBS level parameter influences the amount of time a UE spends in idle mode and hence whether the idle mode or connected mode mobility configuration is dominant. A low setting (typically 10 seconds) allows devices to return to idle mode more often, reducing the demand on system resources and increasing the influence of the idle mode mobility configuration.

There are also these:

  • QciProfileOperatorDefined.inactivityTimerOffset
  • QciProfilePredefined.inactivityTimerOffset
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Hi Experts,
Which command is used to check Ue inactive timer value in Huawei V100R015.


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Below command


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In R015, its not showing, can u pls check?

Can you check MO:QciPara



Dear @cheikh789 got it in MO:QciPara, Thanks a lot :grinning:

What is recommended value for cIoTUeInactiveTimer?

Is it same for eMBB?

Recommended Value for cIoTUeInactiveTimer is 20 S

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If you want to save license fee payment , try 8sec even KPIs improve such as Drop and setup.


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KPI can be improved but actually user experience will decrease, then later traffic reduce, lose money.

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For NR SA what is reason to have separete inactivity timer for SRB, DRB?
In LTE only 1 inactivity timer seen.

In LTE also we have 2 inactivity timers: One for DRB and other for NAS signalling.

If I am not wrong, there is one more inactivity timer at PDU session level in 5G as per 3gpp.

Seen only 1 at DRB i.e. inactivity timer once expired UE move to RRC idle.
Please tell other one for NAS?

Yes agree I seen 2 types 1 for DRB and other for SRB once expired UE move to rrc idle
Then 3 types inactivity timer used to bring UE to RRC inactive state.

Yes other is for NAS.

I mean parameter name for NAS and its value.

Generally inactivity timer mean once UE have no data in buffer/rx for defined value and timer expired then UE move to idle.

Name is vendor specific (Samsung → SIGNALING_INACTIVITY_TIMER).

If there is no NAS activity till this timer, and DRB timer also expire, UE will be released.

tInactivityTimer under RCS

Hi Experts.

Anyone knows where I find the UE inactivity timer or default inactivity timer on the eNodeB?

Vendor is Ericsson