UE Inactive Timer parameter

Hi Experts,
In Ericsson LTE how the parameter name to UE Inactive Timer?
Huawei is = UeInactiveTimerForQci

  • Inactivity Timer

The timeout before a UE returns from connected mode to idle mode is configured by
setting tInactivityTimer. This RBS level parameter influences the amount of time a UE spends in idle mode and hence whether the idle mode or connected mode mobility configuration is dominant. A low setting (typically 10 seconds) allows devices to return to idle mode more often, reducing the demand on system resources and increasing the influence of the idle mode mobility configuration.

There are also these:

  • QciProfileOperatorDefined.inactivityTimerOffset
  • QciProfilePredefined.inactivityTimerOffset

Hi Experts,
Which command is used to check Ue inactive timer value in Huawei V100R015.


Below command


In R015, its not showing, can u pls check?

Can you check MO:QciPara


Dear @cheikh789 got it in MO:QciPara, Thanks a lot :grinning: