UE in Connected Mode vs Active Mode

Hey Experts.

Can anyone help me in these two statement?

  1. UE is in Connected Mode
  2. UE is in Active Mode

What these two statement mean?

  1. RRC connected UE.
  2. RRC connected UE with data in DL RLC buffer.

Active means scheduled.

Active UE = RRC connected UE with data in buffer
eNodeB schedule these UE only per TTI.

RRC connected = latch users on cell not scheduled by eNodeB.
Active UE DL/UL per TTI is parameter for RRC connected UE with data in buffer
Value depends on bandwidth.
E.g. for 20 MHz value is 18.

Yeah, it’s clear now thaks a lot guys.
Thanks for prompt response - this forum is really very helpful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Value 18 means… what?

18 active UE scheduled per TTI by eNodeB.
Like in NR gNodeB scheduled UE per slot which is as of now 1 only for most of vendors.
Scheduled mean PRB distribution as per scheduler algorithm like proportional fair ,max C/I etc which one used by vendor.

In other way, active UEs are subpart of RRC connected UEs when inactivity timer is not yet started.
So non active UEs are those UEs which are connected but have RRC inactivity timer started as there is no data in RLC bufffer.

For NR what is parameter name to control UE scheduled per slot by gNodeB?
Is it still 1 only per slot?