UE capability contains CA band combinations

Hi Experts
UE capability contains CA band combinations.
In 36.101, band combination 3A_5A is given but 5A_3A is not given.
Does it mean 3A_5A assumes support of both B3 and B5 as PCell?

You can check item 0,1 …
Item 0 is pcell.

Check cacombos for each UE type.

What do you mean by item?
Is it BW combination set given at last of table?

I mean in UE capability info for UE used you can check under CA combination.
There you can find.
Rfbandcombo 128 items.

But why 3GPP has not given any band combination like 5A_3A.
Thats my question…

Thanks @RFSpecialist , but my question is about 3GPP combinations…

Ok, that need to check for 3gpp.
I’m referring for UE capability.

Have you ever seen in UE capability that both 3A_5A and 5A_3A are mentioned?

I see like band 3-41 and 41-3.

What is difference between these 2?
Like in 1st band 3 is PCell and in 2nd band 41 is pCell?

Yes, correct.

B41 is TDD and B3 is FDD.
So B41-TDD PCell and B3 -FDDas SCell can never happen as it is not supported band combination.
Only TDD-TDD CA is allowed when UE is in TDD band.

Nokia has CA between TDD and FDD.

TDD PCell and FDD SCell?

It is no where mentioned that TDD is PCell.
And it is written that with this tetsing they can increase TDD coverage, which is only possible when FDD is PCell.
So this is not I am talking about.

But I think PCell is always FDD.

But I seen it.

Which device? Can you share here?


1st one is B3 is PCell and 2nd is B5 is Pcell.
SO it mean UE support both. Even though 3GPP metntion only 3A_5A

In that case, in eNB CA band config, does band_indicator0 mean it is PCC?

No it’s just bands among which CA can happen.

Ok, so where in enB we config FDD band as PCC and TDD as Secondary?