UE camping on 4G anchor site only when forced

Hi All.

We define 4G Anchor site. Now if we try latch with 4G Anchor, after 2 secs network throws UE to latch with WCDMA site.

Cell selection and reselection parameters are OK.

If we lock phone to lack with EARFCN and PCI, then only we can camp on the 4G Anchor site.

Any use case or similar case or any suggestion to check?

Is this happening on idle mode or connected mode?

Idle mode

ESM fail cause code 19 (S1 trace).
TAC is OK.

Try with another UE and another SIM:

Cause #19 – ESM failure

This EMM cause is sent to the UE when there is a failure in the ESM message contained in the EMM message.

Sim2 also tested. Same issue.

It could be that the cell is not declared in Core or TAC is not declared in Core.

Update: Issue resolved after SIM registration in CN.