UE behavior in Reject Scenarios

Hi 4G Experts.
Please tell in different reject scenarios i.e. TAU, Attach, Service Reject send by cell what will be UE behaviour?
Does UE block serving cell if yes for how long.
Any one having simplified explanation for above query highly appreciated.

Check 24.301, it will all depend upon reject cause.
As these are NAS procedures, these do not have relation with cell level, instead TAC level or PLMN level.

I checked in specs my query is for just say network send tau reject with cause illegal UE then what UE will do if its stationary and in remote area where no other site coverage there.
Will it try to latch on serving cell again?

It depends on cause of the rejection.

Here you can find some causes of attach reject and behavior is mentioned here:

MME Trace: Faced during Inter-plmn handover:

Thanks i checked on sharetech earlier where its mentioned UE to wait for 60 s at least before trying plmn search of serving cell.
I seen ue within 10s reading mib, sib1 of cell from where its get rejected.

Yes, if sim invalid then I think UE must not try any cell is it correct.

Unless the reject wasn’t integrity protected.
As i said, 24.301 has details on all cases.