UDP and TCP throughput

Hi Friends,
I am getting around 100 Mbps throughput for iperf UDP in my LTE system, where as for TCP it is coming less than 10Mbps.
I could see very good channel conditions for uplink and downlink.
Any suggestions on how to improve TCP throughput?

Maybe you have low throughput due to the fact there are many users in the cell.

Thanks for quick response @Maverick.
I have only one user in the system.

Throughput degraded now a lot sudden or since long?

Low demand case I guess.

It is our own system in Lab.
Have not tried TCP earlier.

It is a TCP iperf client to server between PDN and Dongle.

May be due to error in backhaul.

It is lab system, where eNodeB and EPC are connected to same switch.
Any suggestions on TCP settings such as window size or ACK optimization, etc?

Set TCP window size to 65,535 bytes and please check DL throughput.

I will try this option and let you know the results.

Kindly share Rank, MCS,CQI?
Make sure BLER must be less than 10%.

MCS varying between 23 to 28.
Rank is 2.
BLER is around 10%

Can you share the version you are using and the command?
Can you check if there is packet loss recorded in the iperf stats?

Do you mean version of iperf?

I had some issues with iperf2 and

There are some known issue with iperf as well…
I had some issues with packet loss with UDP.
Also share the command line that you have used.
Maybe we could test with multiple TCP streams.

You are right, we had used command line.
And iperf2 is used.

Try iperf3.

I will try this… Do you have iperf3 commands?

I had used these iperf commands:

iperf -s -p 50001 -i 1
iperf -c -p 50001 -t 30 -w 4M -M 1400

It’s the same as iperf2.
It would be: iperf3 -c -p 50001
You can try to add -P 5
It will do x5 tcp streams in parallel.