Since 5G/NR allows for UE to transmit PUCCH and PUSCH at same. ( considering no collision in time domain symbol) .
Now suppose UE needs to send CSI over PUSCH(Aperiodic Subband report) and Periodic CSI over PUCCH . Then can UE send both CSI ? if It does then where does it send HARQ ? over Pucch or Pusch ?

UE can send both periodic and aperiodic CSI reports in the same slot. I remember testing such scenario in the lab.

When there is a separate PUCCH, there is no reason for the UE to transmit HARQ ACK on PUSCH. So, both CSI report+A/N payload will be sent on PUCCH itself.

Thanks Pradeep.
So UE will use only CSI beta offset for Aperiodic CSI on PUSCH and ACK will go on PUCCH.

ACSI + PUSCH + NO ULSCH ==> UE can send SR on PUCCH here ?
ACSI + PUSCH + ULSCH ==> SR will be dropped?