Turning off IRAT on 3G in a multi technology network of 2G, 3G, 4G/5G

Hi Experts.
Any known impact of completely turning off IRAT on 3G in a multi technology network of 2G, 3G ,4G/5G?
What could be the possible impacts of this action?
Kindly share your experiences.

If there is CS on 3G and it’s have higher frequency than 2G the user behavior will be affected badly and the CS Drop may increase.
Also 3G network will be congested since the UE can’t handover to 4G network.

It will purely depend on the load/capacity you have on your 3G Network.
Once you turn off the IRAT, compressed mode will be minimized.
Most of the drops happens due to Irat to 2G and 3G CS Drop Rate may improve.
Due to less compressed mode, HSDPA throughput might improve.
We have done this and got this type of results.
But again saying, will depend on the capacity and the load you have on your 3G Network.

I think CS DCR will increase because call will drag in low RSCP or EcNo zones, event 2D will not trigger as CSTHDRSCP and CSTHDEcNo will no longer be activated when they need to handover to 2G.

Secondly it has increased the load on 3G cells and definitely resulted CE congestion.

Lastly traffic dip will also observed on 2G end as now no IRAT HO traffic will be entertained by 2G end.

Normally this technique will be adapted in scenario of sunset of 2G technology or where we have high congestion ratio of 2G or we have limited band of technology else it is not any encouraging scenario.

Better to disable PS iRAT.
To drop and reinitiate data session in 3G is better than 2G PS services.

While for CS, due to better and wider 2G G900 footprint this action will increase dropped calls in poor coverage 3G areas and degrade user voice experience with poor EcNo.