Turning OFF 3G Fast Dormancy

Hi 3G Experts:
3G Fast Dormancy is currently recommended (activated) in 3G networks?
In case we turn off fast dormancy then what could be prons and crons?

If you turn off fast dormancy, you will have more signalling load, more RRC attempt.
UE will move to directly idle rather than going to URA.

Fast dormancy: cell-FACH/cell-PCH state is introduced, like RRC-inactive-state in 5G, 4G does not have, as middle state between idle and connected.

Pros: RRC/RAB setup signaling reduced, CPU load reduced, uplink interference reduced, UE save battery, setup time reduced, user experience improved
Cons: some KPI decreased due to attempts reduced. Moreover, it must configure 1 more SCCPCH physial channel, this consume code resource. As code tree monitoring, number of HS-PDSCH code available will be reduced from 15 to 14, reduced peak cell throughput.

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