TTI bundling with FDD or TDD?

Hi Experts.

For VoLTE I have 1 query:

TTI bundling feature → most of operators using with FDD or TDD?
Or both in VoLTE?

Any drawback seen with feature?

Only in FDD mode, TTI bundling, as defined in 3GPP Release 12 (referred to as R12 TTI bundling), further increases the cell edge coverage of the PUSCH.
Specifically, this function improves the uplink quality of cell-edge voice service UEs with limited transmit power.

Yes I agree it’s use with FDD only.
But as per 3gpp no such limitation with TDD, even we can use with TDD config 0, 1, 6, 2, 3.

[01:48, 12/01/2022] Ankur Gupta (India) {ankgitm}: Any other KPI to monitor… Avg UL SINR PUSCH improvement / Avg UL user throughput / UE phr with TTI bundling implementation?

Any other KPI check please let me know.

You must also check Voice QoS and Voice Quality.

Ok, do you mean MOS need to check?

Yes, correct.

In TDD with 4 continous UL slots, TTIB also work.

This feature often impact or mutually exclusive with other features.

In TDD config 2, how its working?
It doesn’t have 4 continuous uplink slots.