TRN 2 | ACP (Automatic Cell Planning) PART 1

TRN 2 | ACP (Automatic Cell Planning) PART 1

Good day all #rfplanning or #radionetworkplanning engineer across the world :thermometer: :cloud:

Still hot day in Indonesia, air temperature is boiling our plannet (it’s not global warming anymore but global boiling already).

We start to understand ACP in RF Planning Tool in simple way before we run on network wide, step by step.

I post this because i never satisfy with the result ACP in term for coverage optimization, previously. It gave unreasonable result to be implemented.

May be you have successful experience with ACP doing massive coverage optimization, you can write down at comment session below, please.

Download Training Map
So we learning step by step from the simpliest way, using remage clutter lab (Bullseye) to understand ACP properly.
You can download this :world_map: clutter map at, don’t worry, #freedownload

Setting ACP Parameter

  1. Objective.
    a. 100% Target Coverage RSRP >= 85 dBm in Zone Target (specific target).
    b. Other objectives are disable (we will discuss this part later on, step by step).

  2. Zone Parameter.
    a. Defined Zone target, at this part we set Seg_2A, Seg_2B, Seg,3A, & Seg_3B from clutter map as our target that must get 100% RSRP >= 85 dBm.
    b. Other area is allowed to degrade.

  3. Reconfiguration Parameter.
    a. Set Transmitter Paratemer allowed to change (e-tilt, m-tilt, & azimuth).
    b. Other Parameter (Site Configuration, Cell Configuration, Antenna Type) are not allowed to change.

Result Implementation of ACP Parameter Proposal
a. Seg_2A, Coverage RSRP >= 85 dBm is improved, from 69% to 100%.
b. Seg_2B, Coverage RSRP >= 85 dBm is improved, from 40% to 100%.
c. Seg_3A, Coverage RSRP >= 85 dBm is maintained, from 100% to 100%.
d. Seg_3B, Coverage RSRP >= 85 dBm is improved, from 96% to 100%.
e. while other are which is not target is allowed to degrade.

PART 1, ACP exercise show that ACP has ability to do coverage (RSRP) optimization, if we input proper Objective, Zone Parameter, & Reconfiguration Parameter.

Have a nice weekend all.

Share your experience after using it, in the comment session below to improve our service.

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