Trigger Intra Cell Handover in LTE?

Hi All,
Can we trigger Intra Cell Handover in LTE?
What are different procedure to trigger it, apart from TTI bundling feature?

By Intra Cell do you mean Intra-Freq or Intra-eNodeB?

Intra Cell means HO without target cell.

Ho intra cell.

Yes. In TTI bundling I’ve seen it having logs as well.
Now query is is there any other conditions to trigger it?

How about in the case of states changes between CCU to CEU.

Isn’t it called blind handover?
So you trigger handover based on A3 event and set timer for UE to not to return to same layer.

It’s with RRC connection reconfig on same cell… means here no target.

UL Comp has A3 as well.

For UL Comp we defined comp cell set you mean it’s intra cell HO.
I believe UL Comp work on basis of UL SINR condition.
Is it on A3?

As per my understanding, in LTE cell, users are divided into Cell Center Users and Cell Edge Users based on UE SINR thresholds setting.
So enodeB divide the Resources Block between CCU and CEU to maximize the performance.

Hi ! do you know for Nokia LTE , is the activation of TTI bundling is required by RRC reconfiguration - mobility
type ( and actually its " Intra Cell HO " )
is this Nokia Implementation ? or this is the 3GPP standard for activating TTI bundling