Traffic model proposed by Ericsson and Huawei

Hi experts.
Please can someone provide the traffic mode proposed by both ericsson and huawei. I need that to have an estimate related to CE consumed during busy hours, without refering to statistics from the OSS.

i believe that statistics are more honest and reflect the real values, simulations models are best used as i think at first planning stage to set up the first network then monitor the resource then do optimization and expansion
simulation->planning and set up ->monitor->optimization and expansion

I sse. But i do have a project that consists of determining the number of CE to be upgraded. But before i get stated, i think analysing the network to check for availabilty and bocking are the first thing to monitor. Incase blocking is high enough, then we can start looking if code, power or CE are congestes.And regarding CE congestion, i think i should determine the number of users ( subscriber distribution in that site) then calculate the actual CE consumed during busy hours by R99 users inorder to compare with the available CE in the node to which the cell is attached to. So to be able to that, that is the reason why i’m asking if some one can provide traffic model related to both ericsson and huawei. Thanks

dear i think ce consumption depends on the features like 2ms or 10ms,also on the data speed needed by ue ,also hspa consume ces for data , i think model is hard to get ,you can monitor the number of connected users by rrc request attempt or connections for example and you can put simple linear model based on the statistics you have .
or the best way you can set a number of sites as testing cluster sites you can increase the number of baseband boards there and put commisioning unlimited license for period of time and then you can measure the needed number of ces then you can purchase the license as needed after the test

Ok thanks very much