Traditional KPI vs Crowdsourcing data (for Optimisation and Planning)

Hello dears.

Is is possible to use crowdsource (tutela, opensignal, ookla speedtest, umlaut, facebook etc.) to Optimize and Plan a network, the same way with traditional KPI?

I believe crowdsource data will be used more in future, because currently it don’t have all necessary information you get from traditional CM/PM/FM/Trace logs (needed for full Optimization / Planning / Operation and so on).

Those 3rd party tools have some challenges that need to be solved:

  • They dependen on users allowing tools (apps) to measure
  • New google Location Policy

But there are some approaches for the companies with data from:

  • Oookla test: User Experience
  • Umlaut: Planning and Optimization
  • Planet (Infovista): built-in utility to use crowdsource data to help Planning
  • Atoll (Forsk): propagation model can be tuned based crowdsourced signal data
  • Opensignal:
  • Tutela: big data, to identify traffic pattern

All these crowdsource tools run tests on background and are for purpose of Quality and Coverage with fewer samples to Throughput, Latency and other “traditional” KPIs.

Another issue is no-repeatability of data as you would like granularity of one and data that would provide you same situation (same cell, same traffic volume and classes) so you could compare time instances.

Crowdsource data is more like to get users Heat Map and less doing Optimisation and/or Planning based on these data.

It is also like using core network to build Virtual Drive Test data.