Tower Aircraft Warning Light Change

Mobile or any other tower where still human is required to fix defects and upgrade.

Question is - How will you rescue such a man?

Watch Video on YouTube: :point_right:

Why every six months?

Better use high quality Bulb which last for 5 years… :grinning:

I worked somewhere in Russia like 20 years ago and had to climb a tower of 300m.

Up there, at 300m, the tower had a balance of about 1m left / right, front / back.

Russian towers don’t have the standard of European standards.

It was a very unpleasant experience and I was looking forward to go down ASAP.

What is the height here?

Do you have any picture for this? :grinning:

So I can share it with my local group and subcon when they start complaining about 30m tower heights…:sweat_smile::joy:

No, I don’t… :slight_smile:

Looking at the picture / video I would say is at least 300 meters.

20 years ago, russian towers were probably built in Soviet Union and had USSR standard which usually supposed to withstand a wave from nuclear weapons :grin:

Modern russian towers I think don’t have enough strength :nerd_face:

I’m pretty sure you’ll remember that experience for the rest of your life.

The kind of story that you can share for generations :grin:

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