Total pay load in LTE

What does total pay load in LTE means?
What needs to be checked for it in Huawei?

Definition: *(1)

When data is sent over the Internet, each unit transmitted includes both header information and the actual data being sent. The header identifies the source and destination of the packet, while the actual data is referred to as the payload . Because header information, or overhead data, is only used in the transmission process, it is stripped from the packet when it reaches its destination. Therefore, the payload is the only data received by the destination system.

LTE payload and header compression: *(2)

Header and payload compression apply to both 4G IP headers as well as the GTP tunnel and its end user payload and in the case of VoLTE, can provide up to 60% savings.

However, unlike 3G, there is less overhead in form of framing and padding (less than 15% on average versus 27% for 3G data) which compression algorithms can negate.

4G (LTE) services are well defined along 3GPP standards. In the case of 4G voice called VoLTE, the voice traffic is carried as Adaptive Multi-Rate (AMR) across LTE GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP) as shown below. (2)




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