Top Challenges for 5G Network Deployment

Hi Experts.

These is a list of some of the challenges for 5G Network Deployment:

  • Spectrum availability
  • Complex Network Architecture
  • CAPEX requirements
  • Demand for extensive network Function and UE testing
  • Late adoption of Technology
  • Digital Progress for common people in both rural and urban
  • Lacking of existing Network and Operators in every places (upto rural area)
  • Extensive fiberisation not available
  • Digital risk like cyber security
  • Lack of 5G ready enough Scientist/Engineer


Do you think there’s other challenges (not listed)?

In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge?


Major challenges and risks of installing a new 5G network:

  • Site selection (finding appropriate locations to install 5G antennas)
  • Site readiness (making sure selected 5G sites are ready)
  • Technology and product readiness (5G equipment ready and available)
  • Logistics (getting the parts to the installation sites)
  • Installations (getting technicians to 5G sites)
  • De-installations (getting used equipment un-installed)