Tool to read X2 interface log file from U2020

Hi Huawei Experts,
I took a log file from u2020 of x2 interface.
Somebody can suggest by what tool we can read it?

You can use FMA.

You can also view the file in U2020 if I am not wrong.
FMA is more for offline detailed analysis.

You can also use Omstar.

Is it Trace File in tmf format?

If you don’t have Huawei domain access (Huawei employee), you cannot use FMA.
In case you are a Huawei employee, you can download latest FMA from 3ms.
If you are a outsourced employee who doesn’t have access to 3ms download location for FMA, you can ask any internal guy to download and apply license for you.

And if you are not a Huawei employee, best option is to use LMT offline tool to read tmf files.

Can we use FMA for non Huawei laptop?

I think so, but you would need credentials (user pwd) anyway.

Have you tried it in non Huawei laptop?

Not me but I’ve heard it’s possible.
But you can try with credentials.
And as said above, another option is to check via U2000 directly which is permitted and you can test in non Huawei laptop as long as you have login access.

If your objective is to just open trace file and do some simple analysis using filtering messages, then you can use traceviewer tool which will be installed when you install Web LMT offline tool.

Web LMT offline tool is part of software version package and it is free to use by any one.

Best part of traceviewer tool is that you can convert the tmf trace to protocol text file, then you can paste complete text format trace to a excel file for advanced analysis using excel functions.

And if you know a little bit of python, then you can develop a small trace analysis tool to analyze protocol text file. :wink: