Tool to plot/process RF Scan - Nokia Web Element Manager

Hi Guys,
Is there any tool to plot/process RF Scan taken from Web Element Manager for Nokia SRAN?
SRAN generates RF sniffing files with “.rfcap” extension. However, we could do it in Site manager itself in case of legacy equipment.

Below an example:

RF monitoring tool comes with SRAN SW and the it is used to plot/process RF snif files generated from WebEM. RF monitoring tool is embedded in Site manager for SRAT sites.
Please reach out to me for any questions.

Hi Amir, did you find any tool that can post ptocess the rfcap from webem?

Hi @amirshahzad, can you tell me more about this tool?

RF sniffingg files generated from WebEm can be used in RF monitor tool (belowSnip ) to get required scan results. RF monitor is available with anyone working with Nokia vendor or customer.

But at the same time things have evolved rather quickly and one can now use RIP counters in Netact to point to high noise floor PRBs.

Hi @amirshahzad!
Thanks for this,
anyhow can you guide to how to access RF Monitor?
basically below is the available app on my NetAct Access.
where can i basically access that tool?

RF monitor is not part of netact applications it is rather Nokia proprietary standalone application.

Thanks for the info @amirshahzad

Hi i am not able to use this rf monitoring tool in my pc .can u pls support.

alguien de casulidad me podria explicar como detectar un interferencia, como es el concepto del mapa de calor

puedes compartir el aplicativo, tengo una data pero no tengo el instalador, ni la liberia de matlab.

ya la consegui muchas gracias

Can you please share the file to see if its possible to parse the file in python? (113.2 KB)

Please check if this one works for you

Its binary bro, not possible to parse if dont have a clue of what is what. file has a *.rfcap file as well. You mean that too is binary?

Yes bro, I believe the .rfcap is binary. I have parsed binaries but you must now the header structure and the length of the fields etc etc. If you have access to the app try to find some documentation for this and then the rest is not hard.