TM10 mode in LTE

Hi All,
For LTE, anyone worked over TM10 mode?
Any idea for it?

Does we have seperate TM modes for NR?

No TM modes in NR like LTE.
We have PDSCH transmission scheme 1 used for NR.
As of now we can go upto 8 layers with scheme 1.
Max 4 SSB can be used by single UE.

TM 10
In TM10 mode there is Up to eight layers can be used, so up to eight physical transmit antennas are needed, this leads to up to 8x8 MIMO configurations.
The number of used layers may be defined dynamically. The virtual antenna ports 7…14 are used.
TM10 uses the same reference signals like TM9, see below:


The main difference to TM9 is the used DCI format (2D). With TM10 Coordinated Multi Point Transmission (CoMP) is supported.


CoMP uses in principle the same MIMO technique like TM9, but the transmit antennas may be physically on different base station sites. DCI format 2D allows to tell the UE, that it can assume a quasi-colocation of the antenna ports with respect to Doppler shift, Doppler spread, average delay, and delay spread.