Timer controlling RA response window

Hi Experts.

For Huawei is there any timer controlling RA response window?

4G or 5G?

In 4G there is RaResponseWindowSize.

In 5G I couldn’t find one, maybe there is but different name (not containing window words).

In 5G, there is no timers controlling the RACh procedure also can’t find the , I can’t find equivalent for below parameter.

  • PwrRampingStep
  • PreambleInitRcvTargetPwr
  • ContentionResolutionTimer

It’s a bit strange, for Nokia we have but can’t find for Huawei.

I guess these are a couple of Huawei 5G equivalent parameters you are looking for:

  • NRDUCellUlPcConfig.PreambleInitRxTargetPwr
  • NRDUCellUlPcConfig.PwrRampingStep