Time for initial/random access for NR compared to LTE

Hi Experts,
Can it be said that time for initial/random access for NR is quicker than that in LTE?
If yes, what are the reasons?

I can think of the above points, request you to correct wherever it is wrong, and suggest if any other.

It depends on prach format.
For FR1 TDD for instance if prach is using 30khz SCS you can have 1 or 2 slots where prach is transmited within 1 or 2 subslots.
Every subslot can have 3 rach ocasions( covers 3 beams).
So while planing of prach you can plan your density of prach ocasions similar like in lte but note that in 5G prach must be in sync with ssb.
So UE within specific position in the cell can transmit in specific subslot only.
All in all it even might happen that prach ocasions for certain UEs are every 20ms or 40ms and you conclude that it can be slower than in LTE where you have ocasion every or every odd frame (10ms or 20ms).
You migh check 38.211 Table 6.3.3-2 for rach configurations for unpaired spectrum.