Time (experience) required to be a Director in a Telecom Company

Hi Experts.
Do you think it is OK to be a Technical Director at a telecom operator on a relatively early stage of the career (4-5 years overall experience)?

If you have drive for that dont think, just act.

Need 10+ yrs would be idle, too early.
It’s not about title, one need to be exp enough to handle overall task + soft skills.
JMHO. no offense.

First of congrats if you have offer. However if you are thinking of applying then you need think if you can really fulfill the role.

By that I mean:

  • take on stress that comes with it. Such roles naturally come with lot of expectations from higher management and most of the time with little guidance. This can be very stressful if you dont know how to figure out things
  • you know what job includes i.e. you’ve been working with/under/along previous director and more or less know his responsibilities
  • age is just number but with more experience you get confidence to handle tricky situations. If you have that already go for it

I have seen assistant managers with 1 year of experience.
However, catch here is the role definition.
Every organization has its own way to name a role, better to first understand what are the responsibilities.