Throughput situation with CA activated

Guys ,I got one situation here, i have L26 20Mhz and L18 10 Mhz in our LTE network…CA already activated…during the field testing NF …i got L26 throughput Higher then CA…at the same location …same time… possible reason?

Ru using FTP or HTTP ? How about individual layer throughout in same location with same server ?

FTP. L26 got higher like 75 M…and CA still stuck at 58M

What is the current position of L18???

L18 still got 40M…the tilts are only with the difference of 2 w.r.t L26…antenna are same…

how ca system manage 2 layers with 2 diff Bw? maybe considering only 10M of L26

Kindly check load on L1800. Also check RSRP rsrq on L1800, it should not be degraded. change settings to allocate yr ue more resources if u r in good RF environment are ok, just check sinr / RSRP if they r close enough like L2600, then no problem with tilts

make sure the time of testing is not peak for that FTP server. may be u can try off hours like early morning hours and test. Also testing methodology for CA needs to be checked.

Did you see CA Seconday cell addition and activation happening?

Yes I did see it

What’s the first and second carrier in CA? The RF and traffic conditions are similar? FTP capacity issues was already mentioned…What about mobile capability? If we are not talking about the same sites, you can be experiencing despite of already mentioned questions Transmission/ Transport network issues…

any update regarding this issue?

Need to check UE capability here ,only few smartphones supports FDD +TDD CA ,recently launched iPhone X ,Huawei Mate 10 pro doesn’t support this.

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