Throughput over physical layer, MAC and RLC layer comparison

Hi All,
Does anyone has some figure level throughput over Physical layer, MAC and RLC layer comparison?

Theoretical or real?
In theory you can take physical throughput (75/150/300 Mbps) and reduce it by ~12-20% overhead to calculate each layers throughput.

Real Throughput.

Physical Throughput can be estimated by modulation, RB.

MAC throughput is based on TBS, highest MCS is 28 with code rate about 0.95 so MAC throughput ~ 95% physical throughput.

RLC throughput is less than MAC throughput mainly depend on IBLER. if ibler = 10%, RLC throughput is about 90% of MAC throughput.

RLC, PDCP, App throughput is almost the same because header is small, for e.g.: PDCP throughput ~ 99.5% RLC throughput.

If TCP packet loss is high, pdcp throughput is much lower than rlc throughput.