Throughput limitation by License

Hi All.

Is there any “license feature” for high throughput in LTE eNB or by default throughput hasn’t any limitations?

Vendor is Ericsson.

Are you saying UE is getting low throughput but network is capable to deliver more?

I’d say check UE parameters like APN AMBR and UE AMBR.

You will find these in HSS profile of the SIM.

Yes, AMBR is 1.6 Gbps, Transmission has 400 Mbps capacity, RF condition is 3CA, 256 QAM, MIMO 4×4 but Throughput is just 60 Mbps.

Which AMBR?
What BW?
What is test setup?

UE-AMBR and APN-AMBR are 1.6 Gbps.
There is no issue with SIM because in other sites can go higher.
Aggregated bandwidth is 60 Mhz.

Then must be something with site?
Parameter audit should help then?
Why you think a feature on one site will fix the issue if this issue doesn’t exist on other sites?

Issue is with site, I don’t know.
I’m not Ericsson expert that’s why I asked that there is any license feature which can limits, licenses and hw aren’t same for different sites.

Ok. May be an Ericsson expert can comment on features.

But I think your first step should be a quick parameter and licence audit.
Just pick a closest site which matches this site and do audit.
If throughput is getting capped at 60 Mbps or whatever number its likely issue is in Core or in profile since only Core can consistently cap the throughput.
Also check bearer parameters if bearer is being created with limited throughput.

Yes thank you.
I’ve checked and there is no issue at Core side and Bearer parameters.