Throughput drops with increase in BLER for two NR UEs simultaneously in Lab

Hi Experts.

Anyone with lab experience: When I am running speed tests on two NR UEs simultaneously in the isolation box, the throughput drops with increase in BLER.

Is this related to not enough paths available in lab environment or receive antenna issues?

In a Lab environment, it is common to have a limited number of paths available to the NR UE, especially if the environment is shielded.

This can lead to lower throughput, especially at higher frequencies.

Additionally, receiving antenna issues, such as a damaged antenna or poor signal reception, can also lead to lower throughput.

Check the isolation box for RF shielding.

If the box is not properly shielded, it can interfere with the signal and reduce throughput.

Check the receive antennas on the NR UEs. Make sure that the antennas are properly connected and that they are not damaged.

Try moving the NR UEs to different locations in the isolation box.

This may help to improve signal reception and increase throughput.