Throughput drops in half when second Small Cell is turned ON

Hello Dears,

I working on small cell project to cover a basketball stadium.
I’m using two small cells provide indoor coverage and capacity as in the attached picture.

When I turn on 1 small cell I get about 100 Mbps throughput, but when I turn on both I get only 50 Mbps.

Any one have worked with this small cells can explain why?
Aand kindly provide me with solution to get 100 Mbps when both are on.

Vendor Huawei. 4G small cell BTS3911e 5W.

Many Thanks.

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Those cells use the same transport capacity?

Probably, it is due to inter cell interference…

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if you mean microwave kink, it’s 1 Gbps for each one.

How could that be possible if there are only 2 small cells with different PCIs?

If those cells cover the same area it is possible if the UE is at the cell edge…because of the same frequency resources usage

Hi, whats the throughout result when throughput is checked for individual small cell keeping on 1cell ON at a time, if result is same then probably it’s due to interference

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Even with different PCI if there is too much physical overlapping between those cells then PRBS of one cell will interfere the PRBs of the other cell.