Thermal Impact on Telecom

Thermal Impact on Telecom.
And yes I’m melting while writing this post :slight_smile:
One of the main ideas that come to my mind is The Ducting Effect when hot weather meets a water surface.
Lets imagine, a water surface in a hot area starts to vaporize in a gradient form,starts with water then vapor of high density and then vapor of lower density and then air.
Water on a side and air on the other side separated by a gradient of vapor is a simple form of a duct.
What is the problem then?
The main seen problem here is Overshooting as Radiation would travel longer than it’s planned to.
EM Waves hits the water and reflects to pass through the vapor and then it hits the air and reflect again and so on.
It’s a planning nightmare actually.
To minimize this effect try to direct you azimuth crossing the water surface, not along “parallel” to it.
There are many other effects, you can discuss one of them in the comments.

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