Theoretical maximum LTE Uu Paging Capacity

Hi Experts,
What would be theoretical maximum LTE Uu Paging Capacity for Huawei?

@Umar_Mir, as an idea of order of magnitude, please verify the Baseband capacity specification of your eNodeB equipment.
Hope it helps.

I guess it is same like for any vendor: 16 pagings/TMSI per paging ocassion.

In Huawei the command to check the configured number of paging record is:

And the recommended values depend on the frequency band:
1.16 for cells with a bandwidth 15 Mhz and 20 Mhz. 2.8 for 10 or 5 Mhz. 3.4 for 3 Mhz or 1.4 Mhz.

Huawei’s formula is quite unrealistic for Max Theoretical Paging capacity over the air interface.
It takes into account MaxNumofPagingRecords, Pagingsentnum and nB.
Surprisingly it dont take into account PDCCH , PDSCH and Hardware limitations…
Secondly it provides only Max theoretical limit.
If you got Ericsson document for dimensioning it provides more logical and realistic formulas and values.
With MaxNumofPagingRecords = 7 , Paging sent num = 1 and nB = 2T it gives value of 1400 pages per second.
I mean come on, are we going to reserve each and every resource for Paging? :smiley:

Yes, the UE count is very high and seems unrealistic. :grimacing:

Also Hedex doesn’t give any information if it requires any time conversion, etc, as TTI is per ms and this paging capacity represents UEs that can be paged over the Uu interface within 1 s.

For Ericsson: Follow guidelines, at least for understanding.
And for Huawei some GTAC or R&D resource might guide.

For rf128 groups it simply means 1400/128 = ~ 11 pps per PO. [And the unit is again confusing :smiley:]

Exactly! And as per Hedex it has no unit. :frowning: