Theoretic Foundations of 6G (With Giuseppe Caire)

Information theory is the research discipline that establishes the fundamental limits for information transfer, storage, and processing.

Major advances in wireless communications have often been a combination of information-theoretic predictions and engineering efforts that turn them into mainstream technology.

Erik G. Larsson and Emil Björnson invited the information-theorist Giuseppe Caire, Professor at TU Berlin, to discuss how the discipline is shaping current and future wireless networks.

The conversation first covers the journey from classical multiuser information theory to Massive MIMO technology in 5G.

The rest of the episode goes through potential future developments that can be assessed through information theory: distributed MIMO, orthogonal time-frequency-space (OTFS) modulation, coded caching, reconfigurable intelligent surfaces, terahertz bands, and the use of ever larger numbers of antennas.

Watch full episode on YouTube: :point_right:

Good episode!

Especially about OFTS and OAM technics.

As far as I get it they are sceptical about these.

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