There is no doubt that English is the most important language today. One of the best site to get information in English is the:

The site has numerous attractions, and a very friendly interface. Besides learning or improving your English in a creative way, you increase your general knowledge.

The following is a brief description of some items that can be found on the portal.


The most natural to get is the meanings of the word. By clicking on the icons, you can also see how an American and an Englishman pronounce the same word.

Additionally, you can find the description in several other types of dictionaries, and the cool thing is that always appears a representative figure. (Note that we seek dog, and appeared the figure of a dog!)

If you’re anxious to get information about a word, simply type the same shortly after the website address (for example, dog: / dog ).

Word of the Day

In the item Word of the Day, you find the word of the day and increases your vocabulary.

Clicking on the icon of the speaker, you hear the word pronounced, and Definition, meets the definition of the word of the day. Also, can see synonyms of the word.


In Hangman item, you’ll typing letter by letter in Your Guess, trying to guess the word.

For each error, a body part is being drawn. If you lose at least have a chance to know the word, and start a new game.

Spelling Bee

In Spelling Bee, you try to guess the word based on the information on it. To make it easier, click on the speaker and hear the pronunciation.

Type the word in the spell the word. If correct, will accumulate points and learn. If you are wrong, at least learn the word (see the answer).

Match Up

Match Up, you link the words with their synonyms (click on each word, and then the synonym placed alongside to help, the words go up with the same color the word you clicked).

Clicking answer you have the results.

Quotation of the Day

In Quotation of the Day you learn a new phrase each day, and know about its author.

Article of the Day

Reading Article of the Day you have the opportunity to read an interesting article on various subjects.

In the News

In the News, stay on top of a news story today.

This Day in Hystory

This Day in History presents facts that occurred on that date (today), in previous years.

Today’s Birthday

Know who important was born that date (today).


This was a brief summary of thefreedictionary website.

Besides the items shown, the site has several other features such as pronunciation in different accents, weather. The entire portal can be customized, and you can even, if desired, install a toolbar on the site.

We hope you’ve enjoyed. If you have any doubts, find the answers posting your comments in the blog or via our support via chat or email.

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