The most-cited 5G use cases

The seven most-cited 5G use cases:

  1. Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB);
  2. Connected vehicles (including monitoring/safety, Connected In-Vehicle Infotainment or IVI and autonomous cars);
  3. Smart cities (integrated services such as smart parking, smart lighting, citizen services);
  4. Industrial IoT (for factories, warehouses, predictive maintenance etc);
  5. Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality applications for consumers (e.g. gaming) and businesses (e.g. retail);
  6. Fixed Wireless Access (FWA);
  7. Connected healthcare (e.g. personal and fitness monitoring, social healthcare, remote diagnostics, remote surgery).

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Thanks I’m looking for real time use case example and reference

In an interview to ET’s Danish Khan and Romit Guha, Batra said the ongoing 5G trials would be a waste if they are only to test the speed and latency of the networks, rather than developing use cases for enterprises.

ETTelecom interviews: Nokia’s chief strategy and technology officer on OpenRAN, 5Gi, Bell Labs and 5G in India - Nokia India: ETTelecom interviews: Nokia's chief strategy and technology officer on OpenRAN, 5Gi, Bell Labs and 5G in India, Telecom News, ET Telecom

5G not only for Throughput & Latency… but most of operators in same scenario :grinning:

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29 top 5G use cases: discover what 5G can really do

5G use cases are increasing in number, and in this post we take a look at the most innovative projects around the world today.

  1. Smart cities - Alba Iulia Smart City.
  2. Autonomous vehicles - Huawei’s driverless vehicle at a hospital in Thailand.
  3. Improved viewing experience at sporting events - Verizon has now enabled 5G in a number of NFL stadiums.
  4. Better crowd management at sporting venues - Cisco supplied image of an American Football field.
  5. Sports broadcasting - Intel worked with Fox Sport at the US Open.
  6. 5G drones - 5G drone being used for delivery.
  7. Immersive entertainment - Verizon showcased its 5G tech in real-time rendering of effects from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.
  8. Public transport - People using their phones on a train on the BART transportation system, Virgin Trains.
  9. Manufacturing - “5G+ industrial internet” in Hunan Province, “5G+ 360 degree factory” monitoring system at SANY No.18 factory.
  10. Smart factories - In the US, mobile network Verizon has partnered with specialist glass maker Corning to investigate how 5G can improve the factory environment.
  11. Agriculture - Traditional industries such as agriculture will use 5G sensors to collate real-time information about fertilisation, livestock, and moisture needs, helping to conserve energy.
  12. Healthcare - Vodafone 5G health report.
  13. Construction - Buildings.
  14. Energy preservation - The 5G drone currently being co-created by Google is called the HAWK30
  15. IP broadcasting - TMU9evo air cooled UHF transmitter.
  16. 5G-powered studio lighting - Telia trials 5G-powered studio lighting.
  17. Oil and gas - The Centrica Storage Easington facility.
  18. Communication - full HD, 4K and even 8K video streams to be exchanged between 5G-enabled augmented reality (AR) devices and virtual reality (VR) headsets.
  19. Quality control - Verizon Edge and Microsoft Azure. Logistics company Ice Mobility is testing on Verizon’s on-site 5G Edge platform, integrated with Microsoft Azure.
  20. Empowering the high street - Verizon has partnered with TechUnited:NJ to provide a number of small businesses with new ways to use 5G technology.
  21. 5G use cases in port authorities - Port of Seattle.
  22. Improving education facilities with 5G - Nova Southeastern University partnership with Mobilitie.
  23. Transforming tourist attractions - Azoomee app for Vienna Town Hall.
  24. 5G-powered service bots - OrionStar Restaurant Service Robot.
  25. 5G IoT via nanosatellite - Open Cosmos / Sateliot.
  26. 5G-in-a-box - Singtel 5G in a box.
  27. 5G ‘digital twin’ technology - Hyperbat 5G VR digital twin project.
  28. 5G in airports - Chengdu Tianfu International Airport
  29. World’s first 5G substation - Vodafone/UK Power Networks.

Majority of them discussed during 4G launch as well.
For eg… eMBMS which was failed.
Problem is revenue generator use cases are very limited.
Post covid industry is looking for cost reduction.

Yes but slowly and steady all will be okay in future.
We may have more dangerous virus than covid in future.
But parallel revolution will also come in people’s lives.

5G Use Cases wherein satellite access networks have a role.

Source: ETSI Technical Report 103 611 V1.1.1 (2020-06)