The Hunting season for 5G developers is Open!

Apparently, the hunting season for 5G programmers is open.

And in this “race”,the one who has the most to gain are the users - the sky is the limit for the creativity of this “guys” that until today was focused only on in “limited” applications, but that now will be able to unleash all their imagination and skills in a real “competition”.

At least that’s what Dish, Mobile Operator, proposes. Dish created a site to stimulate competition - and consequently innovation! By giving developers total freedom, we can expect applications and solutions that exploit everything 5G has to offer.

For Dish, without a doubt, it is a step forward. On a path where, certainly, all other operators must go. Yes, some had already created this type of initiative in the past… but not as strong as Dish did…

With the creation of this portal, the hunting season for 5G programmers is open - worldwide! :wink: