The EY Top 10 Opportunities for Technology Companies in 2024

  1. Inject GenAI into digital transformation strategies and establish a control tower:
    Integrate advanced AI (Generative AI) into your transformation plans and use a central hub to manage and track progress.

  2. Experiment with GenAI in targeted front-office and back-office use cases:
    Test Generative AI in specific areas like content creation, customer service, or data analysis to assess its potential benefits.

  3. Invest in new forms of digital infrastructure for the “edge economy”:
    Support decentralized computing with infrastructure at the network edge, closer to data sources and users.

  4. Establish additional supply lines in emerging markets:
    Diversify your supply chain by building relationships with vendors in growing economies.

  5. Shape corporate investment strategy around your AI roadmap:
    Align your investments with your long-term AI goals and priorities.

  6. Leverage platform business models to scale new technologies:
    Utilize platforms to share resources and create value for both your company and external users.

  7. Proactively respond to evolving tax regulations:
    Stay informed about upcoming tax changes and develop strategies to minimize their impact.

  8. Prioritize datacenter energy efficiency:
    Reduce your environmental footprint and costs by optimizing data center energy consumption.

  9. Invest in advanced riskmanagement tools and reassess risk-reward trade-offs:
    Use sophisticated tools to analyze and mitigate risks while considering costs, resilience, and agility.

  10. Deploy advanced technology to combat cyberthreats :
    Utilize cutting-edge technology to protect your systems and data from cyberattacks.