The Best Online Coding Classes and Programs to Learn to Code for Free

    Codecademy is an online learning platform that offers free coding classes in programming languages including Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, C++, HTML, and CSS.

  2. UDEMY
    Udemy bills itself as an online learning marketplace, hosting 130,000+ user-created courses on all kinds of topics (including over 2,000 coding-related classes) for many skill levels. While some of Udemy’s offerings are paid (costing $20-$200 per course), there are plenty of free coding classes as well, including some shorter Tech 101-type courses that teach code for beginners.

    Skillcrush’s Free Coding Camp is our totally beginner-friendly intro to tech, techies, and kick-ass careers that you can complete in less than five minutes a day. You’ll learn how to code in the simplest terms possible — and even get to try writing your own code! — so you can see if learning coding is the right move for you. With Free Coding Camp, you’ll learn to code with HTML and CSS and learn the basics of UX design.

    freeCodeCamp is a non-profit that offers free online coding classes and certifications in specialties such as responsive web design, data visualization, machine learning and more. It advertises itself as “dedicated to teaching the world how to code for free.” Be sure to check out their forums and peruse their curriculum — there are over 30,000 hours of free content.
    If you’ve fallen in love with code or are interested in getting into data science, freeCodeCamp has more advanced courses like Data Analysis with Python Certification, Data Visualization Certification, JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures, Machine Learning with Python Certification, and Scientific Computing with Python Certification — these courses come with certifications and will take about 300 hours to complete, but they are completely free.

    Khan Academy is a non-profit educational platform dedicated to providing FREE online educational tools. That includes a robust selection of coding classes.
    Free coding classes at Khan Academy include:
    A beginner HTML and CSS course that will get you started learning to code ASAP.
    A great intro to JavaScript course.

  6. WEB FUNDAMENTALS Web  |  Google Developers
    Web Fundamentals is a Google project to provide free, open source, online coding lessons and tutorials to the masses.
    Try these tech and coding tutorials:
    UX basics
    Accessibility (essential in web development and web design)
    Responsive web design basics

    w3schools is a free online learning platform dedicated to coding and web development. Of this list, this coding resource has been around maybe the longest so yes, they know exactly how to teach you to code.
    Start with:
    HTML + CSS
    Then go server side with a free SQL class/tutorial

  8. CODE .ORG
    Code .org is a non-profit website dedicated to encouraging all people (but with a focus on school-aged students) to learn to code online. Don’t let that put you off though: we’re all coding beginners after all.
    FYI: There’s a section for beyond K-12 coding lessons with resources for where to find free courses for JavaScript and Python, including how to query and manage data.

    Codewars adds some quirk to the proceedings by offering free coding classes with a martial arts theme. Solving specific coding “katas” (a term for training exercises in karate) will earn you ranks and honors as you move your way to becoming a bonafide coder. Who said learning to code online couldn’t be fun? Codewars also offers one of the more diverse lists of programming languages.
    Choose free coding classes for:
    Plus lots more—meaning you can decide what to prioritize when learning how to code.

    codeconquest is a full-service, free learn-to-code platform offering onsite tutorials and reviews of premium coding sites. More text-heavy than some of the other resources on our list—but some people learn best by reading!
    Try free coding tutorials for:

  11. GA DASH
    GA Dash is the free arm of paid coding school General Assembly. This free course teaches the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in a user-friendly and interactive way with the same level of quality as other paid GA classes. Think of it sort of like a $0 coding bootcamp. It will absolutely get you started learning to code for free.

    Udacity is an online coding school with a mix of free and paid classes (around 200 of their coding classes—what they call “nanodegrees”—are free).
    Try these free coding classes before diving into a full course:
    Intro to Programming (This coding class includes lessons on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python)
    Version Control with Git (This free Git class takes about four weeks to complete and Udacity says it translates easily into their React program—or, if you like a real-talk vibe, add on our React course when you sign up for our Front End Developer course!)
    Intro to HTML and CSS (This free coding class is exactly what it sounds like—the ideal starting point for total coding beginners.)

  13. TUTS+
    Tuts+ is an online tutorial library featuring over 20,000 free tutorials (thousands of those dedicated to coding and tech topics). Free tutorial topics range from Modern JavaScript Fundamentals to how to build a CMS with Laravel, among many others.
    Try these tutorials to learn how to code:
    WordPress tutorials
    JavaScript tutorials
    Mobile development tutorials
    UI design tutorials
    CSS tutorials

    The Odin Project is a coding resource for absolute beginners that offers a free, open source curriculum. An ideal option for anyone wanting to learn coding online. The Odin Project has a full stack Ruby course and a full stack JavaScript course, in addition to an introduction to frameworks.

  15. BENTO
    Bento is a site that curates free coding classes from around the web and structures them into a comprehensive curriculum. Bento has free courses on JavaScript, Python, Git, and Databases, for those who are interested in data science.

    BitDegree is an online learning platform with free and paid classes dedicated to coding skills, as well as general business, blockchain, and design classes.

    Code Avengers​…ASSEMBLE! Ok, I’ll stop. But really, Code Avengers is an online platform with a mix of free coding classes and premium courses.

    SoloLearn is an online and mobile learning platform with free coding classes in 13 different programming disciplines.

  19. SCOTCH
    Scotch has free React, JavaScript, and Vue tutorials for beginners looking for an introduction to JavaScript and its frameworks.

    Upskill is a site that offers a library of coding classes, and their Essential Web Development Course is free forever, with email signup, and includes lessons on full-stack web development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Ruby on Rails.

  21. HACKR .IO
    Hackr .io is a site that compiles lists of the favorite programming courses and tutorials from across the web. Use their search engine and upvoting system to find courses on everything from jQuery to Angular to Java to C#.

    Coderbyte is a site for developers that provides short starter courses in different technologies, plus a library of code challenges to help you prep for technical interviews.

    Microsoft Virtual Academy is a free resource for learning to use tools like Azure and .NET. They offer certifications and customized learning paths based on the tech job roles you’re interested in.

  24. EDABIT
    Edabit has a unique approach compared to other code schools. They’re kind of like the DuoLingo of tech skills. Instead of just reading and watching tutorials, you learn to code by…coding! Their JavaScript tutorial is totally free.

    LaunchSchool is an online software development education platform. Their Open Book Shelf includes free access to the books written to support their courses. While some may be tough to use without enrolling in classes or having some prior knowledge, others are helpful tutorials for beginners.

    MDN Web Docs, previously known as the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN), is a powerhouse learning platform for developers that’s been around since 2005. Search the site for answers to your web development questions, or check out their Tutorials page for links to walk-throughs.

    After Hours Programming is a free resource with modules on everything from HTML & CSS to mySQL, Graphic Design, Usability, SEO, and more. This platform is all about giving you a broader view of how web development work fits into the larger business of programming for sites like Amazon, Google, and Walmart.

    Rithm School is a full-time coding education platform, but they have a searchable library of free courses available online.
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