Test CSI-RS Mute function based on Message (Layer3) information

5G Experts,
If we want to test the CSI-RS Mute function on NR…
How can we make sure based on Message (Layer3) information?

If you are referring to 5G power saving feature, I think there is no possibility to check that. Why? gNB checks if there are any UEs camping on the 5G cell. Once the gNB figures out with the specific algorithm that the cell is without any user, it will turn off the CSI-RS and TRS transmission and only SSB will be transmitted. SSB must be transmitted in order to provide accessibility for new arrivals. Once the new user camps on the 5G cell with the power saving feature activated, gNB will immediately turn off the power saving feature, i.e. it will turn on CSI-RS and TRS resources. So, from the signalling point of view, you won’t be able to see whether the feature works or not. Possible way to check feature functionality is to see gNB counters related to the power consumption.