Tems DT Log Reading

Hi Experts,

How can be read .trp file without actix,tems etc. post processing tool. Can we develop indepented application to read .trp files. How can achieve this? Do you have any information?

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Tems DT Log Reading

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you have to get an API license $$$ from Infovista in order to directly read the trp files, otherwise, use TI to export the trp file to text format.

I used to develop a tool for data extraction from tems trp files (without api, etc)

@Veryfancy, Can you please explain how it is possible? Thank you.

Hi, please share more details. I have *trp file, but I can not open it.

First, you can open trp file as an archive
Then, in the extracted files in trp/providers/sp*/cdf you can find data.cdf, lookuptables.cdf, declarations.cdf
These files are compressed with deflate algorithm, you need to decompress them (for example, with python zlib, or offzip tool Luigi Auriemma)
The decompressed files contain binary encoded length delimited protobuf messages
To decode these messages, I used message descriptors from tems python lib, which I found somewhere, probably in tems installation files. I can send you this lib, if you want

Please send me to blue_g@abv.bg
Thank you