Telecom Heroes in Ukraine

I don’t want to raise any discussion or controversy about the current war that is taking place (Russia - Ukraine).

In this topic I just want to pay tribute to these true Heroes of telecommunications in Ukraine.

Even if invisible, yes, they are HEROES.

Telecommunications professionals - despite all the danger they are in - repair damaged infrastructure, managing to restore communication at various points.

Communication that ends the anguish of waiting for news - whether positive or negative, from people who are often far from their homes, in subways, basements, underground parking and even air-raid shelters.

Thank you! They are HEROES - I repeat once more.

What they’re are doing is priceless: fixing broken cables, restoring destroyed mobile communication base stations… And what for? Simply so that strangers can have access to communication/information - and for that, at the risk of their own lives! Thank you All!

No further comments… just look at these pictures:



Looks like most of it is fiber optic lines, dangerous stuff to be messing around with as you have to stay for long at the same place.
Wars should be avoided at all costs, considering it usually ends up making both sides miserable…

Well, all my respects to those technicians.

Stay safe!

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Very sad to even watch the situation surrounding them. Telecom infra is among the earliest target to paralyse a country in a middle of a war. As the Internet has become the fourth utility, eventually it is the public and innocent become the victim in this situation

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So proud of these heroes!
And even more of one of them who is my friend and was my roommate for couple of years!

“In the rubble of bombarded Ukrainian cities, technicians are risking their lives to keep the country online. Their government calls them the ‘hidden heroes’ of the war”…

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… a base station in 2G and 4G configurations has started operating near Irpen and Romanivka. At the station, a set of Starlink equipment from SpaceX was used as a transport network.

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