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You probably already have heard heard about protocols, layers, headers, packages, etc don’t you? Yeah, there’s no way… It’s not one of the top issues to talk about, nor the simplest, but one thing we can be sure - the more we know about it, the more we become differentiated!

And when there are sites that help us to understand complicated matters by this nature, we must seize. One of those sites that assist us in this world of abstract protocols is, specifically referring to the posters that the site provides. This is another one of those tips that is worth checking out: Happy Reading!


IMPORTANT: Radcom don’t have tutorials anymore.

Please goto:

to find papers as shown in this article - do a search on ‘posters’ there.

The Site

The site provides a range of services for telecommunications. We recommend a subsequent reading of other sections. Now we give only the part that we find very interesting: Poster Section.

The Poster Section of the site can be accessed via the link Library (1) -> Posters (2).

There are posters for Protocols, IP, CDMA, GPRS and UMTS. We recommend that you download each one,regardless of your area. Knowledge never hurts, even when it is so good!


When you try to click on any link will be asked to do a short registration.

It is very fast, in two steps. First choose your Country (1), and enter your e-mail (2). Click the Continue button. (3)

The next step, final, complete your registration data (1) and click on Submit (2).

At the end of registration, you have access to downloads - the one you’ve clicked, and also the other sections, as shown above.


The following is a thumbnail of each of the posters. As its name suggests, is a poster. And it can be expanded (zoomed) a lot. Download and see for yourself!

The creativity of the designers of the posters is huge, and the technologies can be viewed from a three-dimensional shape!

Besides the topologies updated, you can find posters in several tables with abstracts, for example common acronyms.

Each poster also has different characteristic, such as IP service, which has its representation in circular shape.

And also the poster Protocols.

Then we finish our recommendation to the poster UMTS. As we speak, here is just a sample of what you’ll find on the site. If you have a plotter, has seen what it can don’t you?

We also recommend a visit more calmly to the other sections of the site. Besides the posters, you will find very valuable documents, for example on principles and technologies such as UMTS.


This was a brief summary of radcom:

Which offers fantastic Posters of Technology, among other interesting documents. Surely worth a visit!

We hope you’ve enjoyed. If you have any doubts, find the answers posting your comments in the blog or via our support via chat or email.

Till our next meeting, and remember: Your success is our success!