Hello Experts,

Can anyone tell me about TA in LTE.

eNodeB measures the required timing advance based on received signal arriving time.
eNodeB to adjust the transmission time.

It is 78m from UE to eNodeB if UE is near at the enodeB?
Or anything else…TA1 is 156m?

Please update me which is one correct.

In LTE 1 TA = 78 m.

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Yes, correct.

To avoid handling of so many TA counters vendors start binning them and they create bins or pdf counters.
In Huawei LTE there 11 or 12 bins with each bin specifying a range of TA.

It will be vary depending on vendors?
If 2 TA, then it will be 156m?

Yes, but they group them normally in unequal bins.

Not exactly but something like this:

For Huawei:

L.RA.TA.UE.Index0 - 0~156m
L.RA.TA.UE.Index1 - 156~234m
L.RA.TA.UE.Index2 - 234~546m
L.RA.TA.UE.Index3 - 546m~1014m
L.RA.TA.UE.Index4 - 1014m~1950m


Can anyone share counter to get TA in Ericsson?

This is an EVENT Counter.

It required separate server?
Because in my NW its not enabled.

These counters cannot be fetched by OSS unless ENIQ-Events is activated (Additional Server).

TA counter relies on Baseband-generated event – INTERNAL_PER_RADIO_UE_MEASUREMENT_TA, via feature Enhanced Cell ID in Traces

Activate optional feature license: “Enhanced Cell ID in Traces” on LTE Sites. This feature makes it possible to group collect statistics on TA values.

Then you can see them in LTE Cell Trace on Xeus or any other tool you may have for parsing the traces.

Hi Can you help with CTR parser ?

Dears Experts.
What’s the value of TA counter, please?
Counters: pmTaInit2Distr or pmTaInit2Dist
For example for TA=0. Does it mean, 428m ?
Vendor is Ericsson, L20.

TA0 means no adjustment needed.


Can anyone tell me, that what is cell radius in LTE (ZTE) I need this counter for the coverage map.