Sys info message information

Is there a way to know the RS power, Cell power and PA/PB for a cell when checking the Sys info message from the UE perspective?

Check from oss dsp cell last paramerer is max transmit power lst pdschcfg rs power and pb and lstcelldlpdschpa u will get pa.
You can see from oss
In Huawei and I think sib2 from dt analysis.

Thank you @parkarnadeem86, but I want to know from the UE sideā€¦

Ah! let me check.

It does not seems to have it in sys2.

Check under PDSCH configuration common in SIB2.
DL reference signal EPRE : 19 dBm
P b : 1
From your SIB2.

Yes, Thanks @gkreddy!