Support of 5G SA for NSA devices


this is the scenario: a device like a smarthphone supports NR NSA, so under NSA access it does the registration.
If I wanted to know if this device also supports SA, which item should I look in signalling messages? Is there any element (in attach request, ue capability information…) that confirms this support? For example, for NSA devices I know that item “dual connectivity with NR=supported” must be present.

PS: I have no any SA access to try if this device works or a SIM right profiled.

Thanks for answers

There are 3 capability messages:

  • EUTRA Capability
  • MRDC Capability
  • NR Capability

Check the NR Capability for 5G SA.

NR capability is always sent by devices under NSA access: so, all NSA devices support also SA? Or is there a specific element in NR capability that indicates that the device support SA?