Summary of 5G usecases for China innovative uses 2021

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Great summary of 5G usecases for China innovative uses.

Key Highlights 5G Use Cases

  1. 5G digital twin space
  2. 5G cloud XR digital marketing
  3. 5G cloud XR entertainment space
  4. 5G cloud XR virtual shopping guide
  5. 5G Smart Mining
  6. 5G inspections
  7. Unmanned operations- fully-mechanized mining face
  8. Unmanned operations at the tunneling face

Midea Group 5G
Smart Manufacturing

  1. Smart warehouse management/logistics
  2. 5G & Cloud PLC
  3. 5G campus security monitoring
  4. 5G production inspection robots
  5. 5G machine vision AI
  6. 5G AR-assisted regular inspection
  7. 5G AR-assisted machine maintenance

China Unicom Shandong
5G Smart Oilfield Solution
in Shengli Oilfield

  1. 5G private network

5G Intelligent Factory of Airbus Tianjin

  1. Highly integrated video platform
  2. 5G smart terminal -5G camera
  3. 5G private network meeting the actual needs of Airbus

5G+MEC Smart
Futian Medical Consortium

  1. Mobile medical care
  2. Smart Emergency Cart
  3. Pre-hospital emergency care
  4. Remote consultations
  5. Smart wards

Private 5G Network
MEC & Network Slicing
Promotes the Xinchang People’s
Hospital Medical Community

  1. High-performance MEC edge cloud
  2. Network deployment & slicing configuration
  3. 3D image reconstruction and 3D MR image display
  4. Remote surgery guidance & teaching

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