Suggestions to solve high VS.FACH.DTCH.CONG.TIME?

Hi…Suggestions to solve high VS.FACH.DTCH.CONG.TIME ?

We already have two SCCPH.

Which vendor?

For Huawei, there are many options. One of them is to create a 2nd FACH channel

It is solved?

How did you go about it?

Fach rate expansion means 32kbps to 72 kbps.

Lift max no of users in Fach state limitation

Direct state transition from PCH to DCH, DCH to PCH

Reduce event 4A threshold and time

Increase event 4B threshold and time

also increase the FACH BW

If you have 2 SCCPCH you can check the number of CTFC from
Should be 7 TFC at phy id 9