Suggestions to improve DCR in VoLTE

Hello Experts,
Any idea to improve DCR on VoLTE?
System is Huawei.

Enable TTI bundling in Uplink.
Enable ROHC.
Enable long drx 40 msec for VoLTE.
Change n310 n311 this will improve DCR but will degrade VoLTE quality in poor RF.

TTI bundling sometime increase drop as well.
Faced issue as it’s on basis of SINR and BLER activation and deactivation.
Good way is to improve UE lost.

You can delay SRVCC.
What thresholds do you have?

Drop pegging in which counter/reason?

Pegging in MME.

Do also have HO fail at same time?
Check your timer values.
PS to CS conversion timer at node… You can try by increasing it.

Yes but just for PS HO.

Try to increase this timer in one node.
It’s “trelocoverall” in Ericsson system.
You can check equivalent in Huawei system.

In VoLTE DCR in Huawei what is reason cause? Check subcounter first.

Check this nice article on VoLTE Optimization: